Company Profile

RAAT HVAC Ltd. from Italy Lei Aite Group (ITALY RADIATOR GROUP) to provide technical guidance and financial support, is the development, design, production and sales in one of modern lightweight high heating radiator enterprises. Production company in 2007 in Ningbo National Hi-tech Industrial Park, the plant covers more than 150 acres, the annual production of various types of radiators 10 million.
The company introduced advanced foreign flexible automatic spraying (dual 80M) coating line, a full import Ruishijinma gun and automatic recovery of the United States Nordson separation system, and improve the sewage treatment system. Also has a radiator industry has been working for more than ten years of management and key technical team, and the establishment of a strict inspection system and efficient production process, to ensure that our product quality, fine workmanship. Factories produce aluminum, steel and aluminum composite, aluminum composite, steel plate, steel column radiators and other types. Product styles, combining Chinese and Western, with a user-friendly, simple, artistic, practical and so on. And according to customer requirements and design, custom all kinds of high-grade heat sink.
"Integrity in hand, market Extreme" is Lei Aite people the same faith, Lei Aite people will be quality products and competitive price for customers to create greater value.